Upgrading to Fedora 12 in college

Well, most of my college department labs run on Fedora but they are passionate followers of the “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” school of thought. They’re still using Fedora Core 5, which feels like eons ago. I myself started using Fedora from the last core version, 6. I was wondering whether they would upgrade any of those labs, which are all now unsupported, of course! I’ve spoken to the person managing one of the labs, and he told that it’d be nice to upgrade if there were no issues.

So, after I’m done with my end semester exams, I’m gonna go try and convince the lab in-charge to install Fedora 12 before students start using the lab for the next semester. Hopefully there won’t be any compatibility issues now. These days, all the problems are with proprietary OSes. I once tried to install the latest version of one, but had to spend the better part of a day searching for drivers. So I just kicked that out of my PC, and it is pure once more.

I’d need to explain him the need to update it asap due to what is a vulnerability on publicly accessible computers: The unrooted installation permission.

And having exams wrapped around the release day sucks, I’ve just downloaded the 32 bit and about to complete the 64-bit DVD. My desktop has been running Fedora 12 since the beta versions, and has never had a problem.

I hope to go one step forward, and start using the SSN-CTS open source lab for something useful to the community. There’s a long way to go, but these first steps are what count,

4 thoughts on “Upgrading to Fedora 12 in college

  1. Hello !

    Maybe you could use a live USB or CD/DVD to check that the hardware will work on your lab’s workstation ? It will also be a good way to convince the responsible that Fedora 12 is great and works well …

    1. Thanks, I’ve got a few copies of the Live CD now. I’d first check if everything works and then move to upgrade all systems.

  2. This is something notably lacking in Fedora: A “Long Term Support” edition…

    By way of comparison with Windows, though, XP was released 10 years ago now… …and people kick and scream when you try to get them to use something newer.

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