Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google Chrome has become my browser of choice on Linux, although it seems to pale in comparison to the wide featureset of Mozilla Firefox. However, one can easily make Chrome as feature filled as Mozilla using the many extensions available for Chrome.

These are the Chrome extensions that I have installed:

* AdBlock: The popular ad blocker for Firefox in its Chrome avatar.

* Blocker: In Firefox, we can block images and other elements from specified domains, but Chrome doesn’t have this feature. This extension provides this functionality.

* Chromed Bird: The best twitter client on Chrome, and any browser for that matter.

* Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer: This allows us to view PDFs and other documents using Google docs, thus avoiding the many vulnerabilities common in PDF files.

* PlainClothes: This is a fun addon that lets you see how a webpage will look devoid of the ‘eye candy’

* RSS Subscription Extension: A much needed RSS Feed extension, this is among the first ones I install.

* XMarks Bookmarks Sync: Yes, Chrome already has a syncing option, but this is the best bet if you use multiple browsers on multiple distros.

* Developer Addons: I have several of these installed: XML Tree, View Selection Source, Web Developer(similar to the Firefox addon of the same name), Regular Expression Checker and JavaScript Tester.

* Webmail Ad Blocker: This extension, as the name suggests, blocks ads in GMail and other webmail clients.

Hope you enjoy the browsing experience with the new browser. Suggest more of your favourite addons in the comments.


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