Crossword No. 2

Crossword No. 2
Crossword No. 2


1 An annoying bug (12) 1  A King’s money noisily spent (11)
3 Changing triangles (8) 2 Do less hard work? (6)
5 The dark one in every two suits (9) 4 Mexican décor has its own faults (12)
8 Varnished oration (7) 6 Grasp your coffee (6)
9 They do stone their homes (10) 7 A beautiful woman can prevent it (7)
10 Teethless to talk (10) 9 Dog’s greed for a pie (8)
13 A South Indian thorny bush (8) 11  Wears a shirt that covers fully (11)
14 Across little water bodies (11) 12 A smelly dog? (9)
17 A French fish at the end? (3,2,6) 15  A hollow fellow with no concern (8)
20 A saint’s tree? (9) 16  A fishy fool (8)
23 Animals at the beginning of autumn? (9) 18  Clean up around the sticks (11)
26 Don’t lie about Hitler (9) 19 Not so fortunate (11)
27 Angry and tearful (8) 21 Measure with grace (11)
28 A quaky giant (12) 22 Complete a large meal (10)
24 Get wet and cosy (7)
25 Enjoys the sea breeze (7)

More mokkais

Exam cum Maargazhi season:

A: மச்சி, இன்னிக்கு சாயங்காலம் ஒரு கச்சேரி போறேன், கூட வாடா.
B: என்னடா ஆச்சு உனக்கு, திடீர்னு கர்நாடக சங்கீதம் மேல பற்று?
A: நாளைக்கு OS exam டா. அதனால் தான் O.S.அருண் பாட்டு கேட்டா பாஸ் ஆயிடலாம்னு..
B: அப்போ சரி, நான் மன்மதன் அம்பு பாட்டு கேக்க போறேன்..
A: ஏன் டா?
B: நாளைக்கு எனக்கு DSP exam டா!

Now this was during our training a few months back:
Someone had got a big bar of chocolate, and all of had a piece of it. Turned out, the flavour was rum raisin (Temptation) and the moment she heard of it, a girl was pretending to swoon. Everyone wanted to see the ingredients, and the chocolate wrapper was passed all over the class. I then said aloud: “Oh, is this what we call wrapper class?”. Pin drop silence. Note that our training was in Java back then.

Another one from training:
Me: Dude, none of us will be sent to MEPZ campus da.
Friend: Why do you say that?
Me: Well, we are all Java developers, aren’t we? We cannot write anything more than basic Java code there.
Friend: What do you mean?
Me: MEPZ stands for Madras Export Processing Zone. And you must import packages and classes to write most Java code. Therefore, it is illegal to develop in Java at MEPZ.
Friend: மச்சி, இங்க ஒருத்தன் சிக்கிருக்கான்..

Monday prank

I just sent this message to many of my friends and got hilarious replies: “Hi. Myself and my parents invite you to share the happiness of the occasion of my engagement. Due to an unavoidable situation in my family, I am being engaged on the 31 st of november at <location>. Sorry for the short notice. Couldn’t help it.”

So many people don’t realise that November has only thirty days!

Statistically, 92 of the 124 people didn’t realise this simple fact. That means around three-fourths of my friends are too busy or sleeping at work 🙂 And the rest have no work to do!

Breaking News: More Robotic freebies for next TN polls

In what is seen as a historic decision by Sun Pictures and their network of TV channels, the Tamil Nadu government today decided to throw in tickets to the movie into the brimming basket of pre-poll freebies. In an exclusive interview to be telecast when there are no other TRP-worthy programs on Sun TV, the producer will talk about this move and its repercussions. He chides Yash Chopra for saying that the government is not doing enough to promote cinema. “What more can a government do,” he asks, “more than owning the two big production houses in the state, and giving free tickets to its citizens.”

After this news leaked out, the opposition party leader in TN has resorted to the usual remarks about family politics and corruption. She demanded that robots be sent to the parliament in place of corrupt MPs from the ruling party, and – as is her wont – demanded an independent inquiry into this issue. Another leader of a political party wanted the government to implement quota for his caste, allowing them to see the movie before the elections at Escape cinemas.

Independent watchers view this move as a ploy to lengthen the screen run of the movie as well as the the current ruling party’s stay in power. In related news, Vijaya T. Rajendar says that he has been approached by Sun Pictures to do a movie Thanthiran where he portrays a scientist trying to create human emotions in a bear(that bears an uncanny resemblance to the man himself, we’re told) . They’re having difficulties finding a bear that doesn’t run away or faint at the sight of TR.

Note: In case you haven’t figured out, this is just a fragment of my (at times wicked) imagination and not real. There is no malice in this post, only