Paradigm 2009 Rocked!!!

Well, the tech fest of our department was on September 5, and it was simply mind blowing. We saw 5332 registrations, a new record and the online events were such huge hits that we had around 20,000 hits on the online event pages. Paradigm 2009 truly rocked, eclipsing all others of its ilk. Our online presence was unparalleled (Yeah, some people’s online presence was not their own in the first place!) The online quiz was my event, and the first round was quite easy. For the second I went bonkers and set questions not normally expected of quizzers, with some out of the box (mokka!!) skills needed.

Many people have been asking about the answers to the two rounds, and here they are:

Paradigm 2k9 Online Quiz – Round 1


1. Pakistan. The list of India’s opponents in the inaugural World T-20.
2. Rocky, Chuck Wepner
3. Lock and Key – Dindigul and Robert Key
4. Bombay University – All are graduates of the varsity
5. Intel – Ajay Bhatt and Gordon Moore
6. Ubuntu – Jackalope and Koala
7. Sherlock Holmes – Jeremy Brett and Rodert Downey junior
8. Holmesian Deduction using Modus Ponens

Paradigm 2k9 Online Quiz – Round 2

Now to the more diabolic(is that the right word?) second round answers:

1. The Google Chrome browser development team. Source: September 2009 issue of Linux Journal:) My favourite magazine.
2. Hardy ( Hardy Boys creator Edward Stratemeyer and G.H.Hardy(Ramanujan))
3. Postgresql – ITU, ETS and Database
4. Python – Python creator, Guido van Roosum and the only female artist in Monty Python
5. Ignobel prizes –Sanders Theatre, Harvard & MIA(for Paper planes, the tradition now stopped)
6. APOEL – A football club in Cyprus in the UEFA Champions League. APOEL stands for ‘Athletic Football Club of Greeks of Nicosia). Athletic Football Club – Charlton Athletic; Greeks – Zeus; Nicosia – Nicotine
7. Strawberry – The album cover for the Strawberry Fields Forever single by The Beatles and Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album has a track Strawberry Swing.
8. Iron Maiden – Both are pictures/engravings in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Murders at the Rue Morgue.

I hope the standard of quizzing was up to scratch. And we had this General Quiz on the event day, where Hari whackily signed off asking his own name. And guess the answers? All in all Azhaguraja, Mr. Bean, Vadivelu, Comedy Boy, Mr.Smile and so on. The finals was funny, with some humourous answers coming our way. In the end two cocktail teams(means all the members were from different colleges) won the first two places. Two from the winning team also won an XBox 360. Congrats guys!

We hope Paradigm rocked as it does every year. We only hope that brand Paradigm will grow in stature and become one among the premier events in the country.