Breaking News: More Robotic freebies for next TN polls

In what is seen as a historic decision by Sun Pictures and their network of TV channels, the Tamil Nadu government today decided to throw in tickets to the movie into the brimming basket of pre-poll freebies. In an exclusive interview to be telecast when there are no other TRP-worthy programs on Sun TV, the producer will talk about this move and its repercussions. He chides Yash Chopra for saying that the government is not doing enough to promote cinema. “What more can a government do,” he asks, “more than owning the two big production houses in the state, and giving free tickets to its citizens.”

After this news leaked out, the opposition party leader in TN has resorted to the usual remarks about family politics and corruption. She demanded that robots be sent to the parliament in place of corrupt MPs from the ruling party, and – as is her wont – demanded an independent inquiry into this issue. Another leader of a political party wanted the government to implement quota for his caste, allowing them to see the movie before the elections at Escape cinemas.

Independent watchers view this move as a ploy to lengthen the screen run of the movie as well as the the current ruling party’s stay in power. In related news, Vijaya T. Rajendar says that he has been approached by Sun Pictures to do a movie Thanthiran where he portrays a scientist trying to create human emotions in a bear(that bears an uncanny resemblance to the man himself, we’re told) . They’re having difficulties finding a bear that doesn’t run away or faint at the sight of TR.

Note: In case you haven’t figured out, this is just a fragment of my (at times wicked) imagination and not real. There is no malice in this post, only

Endhiran: My opinion

I saw Endhiran today afternoon. The movie has a passable plot, awesome graphics, and did Rajni rock!

The plot, it seems, was dumbed down to cater to the masses. And whatever some people may say (out of jealousy, of course), it is a good movie. This is not a typical Rajni movie, although the fireworks come out late in the movie. There are no  punch dialogues, but many cliches. Typical Shankar.

I can’t accept the ‘Nureal schema’ spelling goofup in the initial scenes though. The ‘mutations’ of the robots towards the end more than make up for any plot issues or goof ups. Indian movie graphics have matured now, and Endhiran is the pinnacle of CGI in the Indian movie industry.

Seeing Rajni in a non-protagonist role after a long time was amazing. I was reminded of his early movies with Kamal as the protagonist. He’d have been the most stylish villain had he not become a hero.

As for the music director, Rahman, what a man. Awesome BGM as always. Suited the theme very well. I thought that Aishwarya looked a lot like Fergie from Black Eyed Peas in the Irumbile oru idhayam number. I liked the way Kilimanjaro  was rendered, but the song was unwarranted in the movie and dampened the flow of the movie. Santhanam and Karunas try to evoke laughter, but end up looking like clowns, and are probably baby sitters for Chitti, the robot. Rajni as the robot also has several mokkai dialogues up his sleeve (sounded a lot like my mokkais).

I’d give this movie 3 on 5, purely for Rajni’s acting and Shankar’s imagination. But please, I’d like to see a movie without unnecessary songs and drag-along scenes.